8x new road-rail drainage vehicles for Network Rail

Hilton has delivered 8x new road-rail drainage vehicles to Network Rail. All 8x vehicles were fully approved according RIS1530 and accepted by Network Rail. The vehicles are now taken in operation in the field across the country.

New catenary vehicle for Rotterdam

A new Hilton 110T catenary vehicle has been delivered to RET Rotterdam for the catenary maintenance of the tram network. The vehicle has been build on a Mercedes Benz Arocs Euro 6 chassis. The rail drive system is a hydrostatic driven lorry.

New Unimog Rescue vehicle for Metro Teheran

Hilton has transformed a Unimog into a road-rail rescue vehicle for a Metro Teheran in Iran. The vehicle is designe for rescue operation in metro tunnels. Besides the rail guidance system it is equipped with a box body for the re-railing equipment.

New Unimogs for Polish Railways

Hilton has delivered 8 new Euro 6 Unimogs to the Polish railways. The vehicles are equipped with a Hilton rail guidance system and are able to tow loads up to 800t thanks to a special wagon brake system.

New Rescue- and welding road rail vehicle for Cologne

Hilton delivered 2 x new vehicles to the tram operating company of Cologne. Both vehicles were built on a MAN TGM 4x2 chassis with hydrostatic driven road-rail system. The superstructure consists of a box body with loading platform at the rear.

New rescue vehicles Pro Rail

Hilton has delivered 4x new rescue vehicles to Pro Rail in the Netherlands. The rescue vehicles have been designed in close cooperation with Pro Rail which has resulted in a unique new concept. All vehicles were built on a Volvo FM330 6x2 chassis with hydrostatic driven rear bogie and single front guidance axle. 

2x new vehicles for the tram of Karlsruhe (Germany)

Hilton recently delivered 2 new road-rail vehicles to the tram of Karlsruhe in Germany. A catenary maintenance vehicle and a rail cleaning vehicle have been taken in operation. Both vehicles were built on a MAN TGM 4x2 Euro 6 chassis including an hydrostatic driven lorry rail drive system.

New rescue vehicle for metro Tabriz (Iran)

Metro Tabriz received its new Hilton road-rail rescue vehicle. The vehicle is based on a Volvo FMX 4x2 chassis with crew cabin for 6 persons. For operation on track the vehicle is equipped with a friction drive lorry system which allows speed up to 50 km/h on track.

New multifunctional vehicle for winter track maintenance in Norway

Hilton delivered another new road-rail vehicle to Bybanen in Bergen (Norway). The vehicle is a multifunctional design for all kind of winter track maintenance. The front mounting plate can be connected to a hydraulic controlled snow brush or snow plough.