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In case you need original Hilton spare parts you don’t have to wait very long. Over 98% of the standard spare parts are always on stock in our central warehouse in Gehrden close to Hannover. We secure a constant stock and fast delivery.

All common spare parts can be send by express worldwide within 24h. This does not only include spare parts for new vehicles but also for older generation Schörling road-rail vehicles.

For the best performance and maximum reliability of your vehicle, we strongly recommend to use original Hilton spare parts only. By using original Hilton spare parts you are using parts covered by our warranty and guaranteed compatibility with your machine. Quality, function and compatibility are guaranteed by Hilton for all delivered spare parts.

For more information please contact our spare parts service:

Burkhard Stabenow
Spare parts service
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Tel: +49 51089153-77
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