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Mission and values


Our mission is the continuous improvement of the quality and reliability of our road-rail vehicles to supply our customers around the world with excellent products which deliver maximum performance under every condition while providing optimal safety for the operators at any time.



Highest quality is our fundamental priority and we ensure the commitment to our quality standards by involving every single employee into our quality management system. Our internal processes are monitored gradually from the design stage to the production and final release of the vehicle. The inspection of each step allows traceability along the entire process chain which is a key factor to reach our state of the art quality level.


Our team combines extensive experience in the road-rail vehicle industry with a sound background in development engineering. Due to our engineering competence we are able to rapidly develop highly customized vehicles based on our customer requirements, which enables us to deliver the perfect vehicle for each application.


Through the takeover of Schörling Brock, we are responsible to continue the almost 100 years old tradition of the world-wide renowned Schörling road-rail vehicles. Thanks to the synergies in the Hilton group we are able to further develop the Schörling technology and to increase our business around the world. The Hilton group is a family owned company in the second generation and we are proud to continue a long tradition of road-rail technology.


Our mission does not end with the delivery of the vehicle. We don’t consider us just as a supplier of our customers. We are a long term partner for our customers to guarantee the maximum performance and highest reliability of our vehicles. To achieve this goal we offer an integrated after sales service worldwide including 24 hours on-site customer service 7 days per week. The intense cooperation with our customers helps us to understand our customer needs to the last detail and plays a significant role in the continuous improvement of our products.