New rescue vehicles Pro Rail

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Hilton has delivered 4x new rescue vehicles to Pro Rail in the Netherlands. The rescue vehicles have been designed in close cooperation with Pro Rail which has resulted in a unique new concept. All vehicles were built on a Volvo FM330 6x2 chassis with hydrostatic driven rear bogie and single front guidance axle. This guarantees an optimal weight distribution and safety against derailment. The superstructure consists of several containers for the rescue equipment. The containers are made out of glass fibre reinforced polyester and are fully equipped with specific rescue equipment for all possible scenarios. The containers can be loaded/unloaded with a special container lifting system which allows to load/unload the containers on road and on track. In combination with the manipulator on each side of the modular containers, this concept allows and extremely ergonomic and fast handling of the rescue equipment. We are proud to have developed these unique vehicles together with pro Rail and are sure that these vehicles are setting a new standard for user friendly rescue operations and ergonomic handling of rescue tools on track. Please do not hesitate to contact our sales department for further information.

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