Catenary maintenance vehicles

For the installation, inspection and maintenance of catenary systems, Hilton manufactures a wide range of road-rail catenary maintenance vehicles with different superstructures and equipment based on the specific customer requirements. Each vehicle is customized according to individual customer requirements based on our modular production concept. The product range includes compact maintenance vehicles for tram networks up to large multifunctional vehicles combining hydraulic platforms, cranes, wire positioners, measuring equipment, etc. We offer the right solution from light  4x2 vehicles up to heavy 8x4 vehicles. Through our modular production design we are able to offer innovative solutions which perfectly match to your needs based on reliable field proven technology.

Catenary maintenance vehicles for tram networks

Our vehicles for operation on tram networks are known for their compact design in combination with isolated telescopic platforms or scissor platforms. These platforms allow catenary maintenance under live catenary up to 1000V AC/15000VDC even in rain according to the German isolation standard DIN VDE 0682,
Based on our long experience as manufacturer of telescopic platforms, our platforms are equipped with highly advanced control systems which guarantee maximum reliability.

The cabin conversions are realized in high quality and very robust GRP technology which provides maximum safety, excellent finishing and a very long lifetime.

The rail drive systems are specially designed for operation on tram networks with narrow curves. Our unique hydrostatic 4x4 wheel drive offers exceptional safety and drive comfort. The Hilton hydrostatic lorry rail drive system is the most common rail drive system for road-rail vehicles on tram networks around the world.  All Hilton rail drive systems are designed and build according to BOStrab and EN15746 and are known in the rail industry for their unmatched reliability.

Catenary maintenance vehicles for the railway industry

The leading railway contractors around the world trust in Hilton technology when it comes to complex multifunctional vehicles which must deliver top performance under extreme conditions with maximum reliability. All vehicles are designed in close cooperation with our customers to combine their professional know-how with the right technical solutions. More and more contractors replace their traditional rail bound catenary installation vehicles with modern road-rail vehicles. Besides our different types of telescopic platforms, we use many modules which have been specially designed for catenary maintenance and installation. This includes for example wire positioning tools, wire drum systems, railway cranes and advanced measuring equipment. Our patented bogie technology with hydrostatic axle drive is a unique design which allows to bring vehicles from 18t to 56t on track. Even large 4-axle trucks with 12m length can be positioned on track on a short level crossing of approximately 6m width thanks to the rear bogie slewing system. This guarantees high flexibility and short reaction times with easy on/off tracking. Our bogie systems are certified according to EN15746 and approved by railway organizations around the world. The modern control system fulfill the highest safety standards which enables us to install ETCS systems and drive speeds up to 80 km/h on track.