Unimog vehicles

We offer the right road-rail vehicle for every job. Based on the Mercedes-Benz Unimog chassis, we can offer all kind of solutions through the combination of our rail guidance systems and various Unimog equipment.

Unimog Fahrzeug 1
Unimog Fahrzeug 2
Unimog Fahrzeug 3
Unimog Fahrzeug 4

Shunting vehicles with towing capacity up to 1000 t

The Unimog is the ideal shunting vehicle for towing load up to 1000t. A special wagon brake system provides fast and safe braking of the wagons. The vehicle can be connected with the Unimog via different coupling systems. The coupling systems are available with standard mechanical tow bars up to automatic systems with dampers and lifting equipment. Besides the vehicle can be configurated with various options such as remote control, signalling systems, camera systems, etc.

Multipurpose vehicles

The Unimog can be used for many different applications. Hilton Kommunal offers winter service vehicles, track construction and maintenance vehicles, catenary vehicles and rescue vehicles . For each application we develop the right Unimog solution. Please contact us for more information about our Unimog road-rail vehicles.

Example Unimog rescue vehicle:

Unimog Bergefahrzeug 1
Unimog Bergefahrzeug 2
Unimog Bergefahrzeug 3
Unimog Bergefahrzeug 4