8x new road-rail drainage vehicles for Network Rail

8x new road-rail drainage vehicles for Network Rail
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Hilton has delivered 8x new road-rail drainage vehicles to Network Rail. All 8x vehicles were fully approved according RIS1530 and accepted by Network Rail. The vehicles are now taken in operation in the field across the country.

All vehicles were designed as 26t vehicles based on a MAN TGM 26.290 6x4 chassis. The vehicles have a hydrostatic driven rail system with a rear bogie and single front axle. The support frame is connected to drainage module via ISO twistlocks which allow the vehicles to be used as multifunctional 26t base vehicles. The drainage module has been designed by our partner Whale tankers and is a custom made module which has been built to match all Network Rail requirements. The water storage tank has a capacity of 5000l. The drainage module can be used for jetting as well as for suction of the drainage system on the Network Rail infrastructure. The suction boom has a slewing range of 270° and is a special design for operation under the catenary.

The vehicles have been allocated to different routes all over the country. Apart of the delivery of the vehicles a long term service contract has been developed in order to ensure the performance of these unique state of the art vehicles over many years.

Please contact our sales department for further information.

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