Welcome at Hilton Kommunal
Welcome at Hilton Kommunal
Hilton is one of the leading manufacturers for road-rail vehicles worldwide. The name Hilton stands for innovative state of the art road-rail technology at the highest level. We are a long term partner of railway operators and railway contractors around the world. With passion, precision, high tech and top level craftsmanship, we develop and manufacture modern road-rail vehicles. We offer a wide product range of high end and reliable road-rail vehicles including catenary maintenance vehicles, rail/tunnel cleaning vehicles, re-railing/rescue vehicles, shunting vehicles and many more. This makes Hilton the global technology leader for road-rail vehicles.

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Visit us in Sweden during Elmia Nordic Rail Fair

Elmia Nordic Rail is the largest railway fair in the Nordic region. Hilton will be present during the fair together with our Swedish partner C.I Pihl to present the latest...

2023 - The future of road-rail vehicles starts now

Hilton delivered a new multifunctional road-rail catenary maintenance vehicle to our customer EQOS in Austria.


Hilton will be exhibiting in Stockholm on the the Nordic Region's largest fair for sustainable rail transport.