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Our service does not end with the delivery of our vehicles.

From general maintenance and repairs up to modernization and complete refurbishing of your old  vehicles, our service team is available for you 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. Besides we have our local after sales partners which are always close to you and provide fast and professional service.

It is our goal to provide a first class professional after sales service. Thanks to our local after sales partners our service acts globally with local expertise. Experienced and trained technicians are able to support you in your local language on site for fast and efficient service.

Maintenance and repairs - for maximum reliability of your vehicles

Regular maintenance and service prolongs the lifetime of your vehicles significantly. Our service is vital to maximize the availability of your vehicle. To guarantee the best performance of our vehicles we offer different service contracts which offer advantages like:

  • Preventive or corrective maintenance
  • Service 7 days per week 24h
  • Regular safety checks according national requirements
  • Automatic scheduling of annual service appointments
  • Regular customer maintenance training courses
  • On the job support / technician support on site
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Remote diagnostics

Our vehicles can be equipped with a modern remote diagnostic system. An integrated modem sends all important data of the vehicle control system in real time to our online server, which allows our service to check vital settings of your machine and to adapt parameters through online support when needed. All machine data are stored in a datalogger and also the position of your machine can be traced via Google Earth GPS tracking. A web based customer interface allows you to monitor your vehicle on line and to have access to all important data any time you want.

Customer Interface

For more information please contact our service team:

Sylwia Felix
Service Innendienst/After Sales
Tel: +49 5108 9153- 50
Fax: +49 5108 9153- 53

24-hour hotline:
Tel: +49 (0) 178 / 8915307