Tunnel cleaning vehicles

Based on our long experience with rail cleaning vehicles, we have developed different solutions for tunnel cleaning with wet cleaning and dry cleaning technology. Based on the Schörling technology our new generation of tunnel cleaning vehicles is specially designed for metro tunnel cleaning. With the acquisition of Schörling Brock in 2009 all patents for tunnel cleaning technology have been taken over by the Hilton group.
During the last years our vehicle range for innovative and environment friendly tunnel cleaning vehicles has been constantly developed which makes Hilton the world wide marked leader in this field.

Example Metro Tunnel Cleaning:

For tunnel cleaning in metro systems, we offer road-rail vehicles with high performance water cleaning systems. The tunnel walls and floor are cleaned with high pressure rotating nozzles. The 360° cleaning concept allows to clean the entire tunnel. The dirt water is absorbed with a rear suction system for an excellent cleaning result. Options like foam pre-mix systems, compressed air nozzles for dry cleaning, etc. are possible and selected according to the specific tunnel profile.

Tunnelreinigungsfahrzeug 1
Tunnelreinigungsfahrzeug 2

Example Tunnel Cleaning Train

Example Tunnel Cleaning Train

Please see here a simulation of our tunnel cleaning train in the Metro Milano. Customer specific designs are possible based on the individual tunnel profiles.

Please accept statistics-cookies to watch this video.
Please accept statistics-cookies to watch this video.

Drainage vehicles

Hilton delivers special road rail drainage vehicles in cooperation with leading manufacturers of drainage modules. The vehicles are able to perform flushing and vacuuming work simulta-neously on track. The vehicles are deployed to clear leaves and other materials from trackside catch pits which are used to ensure large volumes of rainwater can quickly run off the track to prevent flooding above the rail head.

Kanalreinigungsfahrzeug 1
Kanalreinigungsfahrzeug 2

The rail drive system is of key importance for these heavy vehicles, in order to realize a balanced weight distribution, maximum traction and short brake distances on track. Thanks to our long term cooperation with leading manufacturers of drainage modules, we have gained a lot of experience in this special application and are able to provide the best possible rail drive system to get your drain-age vehicles on track.

Schienenfahrsystem Kanalreinigung 1
Schienenfahrsystem Kanalreinigung 2
Schienenfahrsystem Kanalreinigung 3
Schienenfahrsystem Kanalreinigung 4