Latest deliveries – New catenary vehicle for Stern Hafferl (Austria)

The company Stern&Hafferl from Austria received a new catenary vehicle from Hilton Kommunal. The vehicle is built on a MAN TGM 18.340 4X2 chassis with a 2-axle hydrostatic rail drive system. The superstructure consists of a scissor lift and a modular support frame.

Latest deliveries – A new allrounder for CVAG Chemnitz

„An Allrounder on the net“. That’s how the new rail and trackbed cleaning vehicle of the tram company CVAG Chemnitz in Germany is called. The vehicle is a multipurpose cleaning vehicle which can be used for groove cleaning as well as for ballast/trackbed cleaning.

Latest deliveries – Hilton 110T for GVB Amsterdam

GVB Amsterdam has received 2 new catenary maintenance vehicles in December 2012. Hilton delivered 2 identical vehicles where one is equipped with a hydrostatic rail drive system and the other vehicle is only used for work on rubber tires on empaved track sections in the city center.

Latest deliveries – Catenary vehicle for De Lijn Antwerp (Belgium)

Hilton Kommunal recently delivered a new catenary vehicle with scissor lift platform on a16t Volvo chassis in an extra small width (max. vehicle width 2280mm) to the tram operator company De Lijn Antwerp in Belgium. The vehicle is specially designed for catenary maintenance inside the metro.