Service vehicles

For all maintenance work on track we deliver customized service vehicles. The combination of Hilton road-rail technology with superstructure modules of renowned suppliers which are perfectly adapted to each other, allows us to find the ideal solution for all type of track maintenance. Examples of the field of application for these vehicles are:

  • Vehicles with high capacity railway cranes
  • Vehicles with adapted cranes for pole positioning 
  • Welding vehicles
  • Workshop vehicles / equipment carriers
  • Winter service vehicles
  • Tipper vehicles
  • Rail-road trailers

These vehicles are built on small Unimogs (14t) up to large 4-axle trucks (32t) depending on the superstructure. Since this type of vehicles are often used only for special projects or only during a limited time of the year, we offer a wide range of modular systems which allow to use the same vehicle for different applications. The superstructures can be easily changed via twistlocks and quick couplers which allow very economic solutions because the vehicles can be used in a multifunctional way.

Winter service vehicles

For snow cleaning on track we cooperate with market leaders like Zaugg or Schmidt to deliver road-rail vehicles with snow brushes, snow ploughs or snow blowers. Depending on the chassis and PTO capacity even combinations of snowbrushes and snow blowers on both sides of the vehicle are possible to realize powerful road-rail winter service machines for tough winter conditions. Our vehicles are operated in Switzerland, Scandinavia, Russia etc. where they have proven their reliability even in temperatures down to -30°C and extreme winter conditions.

Winterdienstfahrzeug 1
Winterdienstfahrzeug 3
Winterdienstfahrzeug 4

Workshop vehicles

Our workshop vehicles are equipped with high end box bodies including cranes, loading platforms, generators, compressors and much more. The equipment and interior is customized to the specific needs of each customer.

Werkstattfahrzeug 1
Werkstattfahrzeug 2
Werkstattfahrzeug 3
Werkstattfahrzeug 4

Crane vehicles

From small loading cranes up to large railway cranes for the installation of catenray poles, Hilton delivers the right solution. Depending on the application these vehicles are equipped with loading platforms in different sizes. The cranes can also be delivered with basket modules to use them as crane and platform.

Kranfahrzeug 1
Kranfahrzeug 2
Kranfahrzeug 3
Kranfahrzeug 4