Re-Railing and Rescue vehicles

Hilton Kommunal is your specialist for road-rail rescue vehicles. These vehicles are used in case of emergency to transport the re-railing equipment and the rescue team and also for tunnel firefighting. Hilton delivers custom made solutions which are designed for your individual rescue scenarios. We provide innovative equipment storage solutions which ensure ergonomic and safe handling of the rescue equipment. From a small Unimog with crewcab and box body up to modular vehicles with special railway hooklift systems, we deliver the complete range of road rail rescue vehicles. Besides the vehicles can be equipped with many options like load-ing cranes, hydraulic winches, liftgates, welding generators and many others.

Also for tunnel firefighting we can offer innovative vehicles. The combination of Hilton road rail technology and the close coopera-tion with leading firefighting equipment manufacturers results in highly effient tunnel fire engines. When you need the greatest safety you can get, there‘s no room for compromise. In case of emergency every helper and every response team has to count on their equipment. That‘s why we do everything we can to make sure each individual product bearing our name is excellent, without compromise. From development, materials and manufacturing all the way to the smallest details in finishing. With Hilton tunnel fire fighting vehicles you can bring your team fast and safe to the scene of fire. This guarantees rapid response time and maximum safety for tunnel operations.

In order to fulfill the TSI standards for tunnel safety, Hilton offers a unique solution based on road-rail vehicles that can be operated in coupled mode as rescue train. The control system on these vehicles allows to drive in single mode or coupled mode on track. It is also possible to couple the vehicles to rail wagons for example for wagons with extra water tanks, first aid units, etc.. All superstructures are specially designed for tunnel operation. Modern overpressure rescue chambers allow to have a safe room with clean air for the fire fighters or evacuated passengers. The vehicles ca ne used as multifunctional firefighting vehicle, water carriers, passenger evacuation vehicles etc. Hilton is the only supplier in the world who offers a 1-stop solution for this type of vehicles because our company group combines rail-road technology (production plant Gehrden) and firefighting technology (production plant Maastricht). This enables us to provide state of the art road-rail vehicles while our engineers are also able to think like firefighters and understand the importance of every small detail to optimize the comfort and performance for the firefighters.