Latest deliveries – New catenary vehicle for Stern Hafferl (Austria)

Latest deliveries – New catenary vehicle for Stern Hafferl (Austria)
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The company Stern&Hafferl from Austria received a new catenary vehicle from Hilton Kommunal. The vehicle is built on a MAN TGM 18.340 4X2 chassis with a 2-axle hydrostatic rail drive system. The superstructure consists of a scissor lift and a modular support frame. On the support frame it is possible to install a workshop unit or a loading platform depending on the requirements. Besides a Palfinger loading crane is installed at the rear side. An additional cage module can be connected to the crane to use it as working platform. A special feature of this vehicle is the hydraulic gauge adjustment system which allows to adjust the gauge from 1000mm to 1435mm in an easy and safe way.

The vehicle is equipped as follows:

  • Chassis MAN TGM 18.340 4X2
  • 2-axle rail drive system with hydraulic gauge adjustment 1.000mm – 1.435mm
  • Double scissor platform
  • Max. platform floor height 7.000mm
  • Working platform dimensions 2.000mm x 2.000mm x 1.100mm
  • Platform with hydraulic slide mechanism for horizontal cage slewing (2.000mm to both sides)
  • Modular frame for workshop container or loading platform with twistlock connections
  • Palfinger crane PKR 12502 b with cage module type BB 025
  • Pantograph (Stemmann)
  • Additional railway equipment according to EBO regulations
  • Hydraulic wire tensioner on the working platform
  • Additional railway wagon braking system

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