Latest deliveries – A new allrounder for CVAG Chemnitz

Latest deliveries – A new allrounder for CVAG Chemnitz
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„An Allrounder on the net“. That’s how the new rail and trackbed cleaning vehicle of the tram company CVAG Chemnitz in Germany is called. The vehicle is a multipurpose cleaning vehicle which can be used for groove cleaning as well as for ballast/trackbed cleaning. Large dirt parts are absorbed through the 4 suction hoods while the ballast itself remains on the trackbed. Air pressure nozzles which are integrated in the suction shoes stir up the dust from the ballast thus performing a certain depth cleaning action.

The vehicle is equipped as follows:

  • Chassis Scania P320 4x2
  • Hydrostatic driven rail system (lorry), 1435mm gauge
  • Dirt container 6,5m³ and 2.000l water tank
  • 2 side brushes in front of the vehicle (hydraulic driven)
  • Trackbed cleaning unit
  • Hydraulic driven ventilator with 24.000m³
  • Hydraulic driven broom roller brush in front of the suction shoes
  • Suctions shoes on both sides with integrated high pressure groove cleaning nozzle
  • Steel scrapers mounted on the suction shoes on both sides
  • 1000 bar pump for contactless high pressure groove cleaning
  • Manual rear suction jib, 4m long with Ø200mm
  • Spray gun hose (20m) with automatic winding
  • Isolated ventilator and foldable side doors (super silent kit)

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