Latest deliveries – Hilton 110T Catenary vehicle for HTM The Hague (Netherlands)

Latest deliveries – Hilton 110T Catenary vehicle for HTM The Hague (Netherlands)
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The tram of The Hague in the Netherlands has taken its new Hilton catenary maintenance vehicle into operation. The vehicle is equipped with many innovative items and was one of the eye catchers on the Innotrans show in Berlin. The vehicle is isolated according the standard DIN VDE 0682-742 (1000V AC / 1500V DC). In order to reach the highest possible isolation level, the complete control of the platform and the rail drive system is done via a radiographic control system. This eliminates electrical connections to the working cage and significantly increases the isolation level. The radiographic control has been developed in cooperation with ABB electronics, which is one of the leading suppliers of radiographic controls word wide. Besides, the cabin and workshop including the equipment lockers, are made out of 100% glass fibre reinforced polyester (GRP). This guarantees an optimal isolation, excellent anti-corrosion properties and a long life time. Hilton delivers all polyester bodywork with standard 10 years warranty.

The vehicle is equipped as follows:

  • Chassis MB Axor 1829 in swiss width (2300mm)
  • Hydrostatic rail drive system (lorry), 1435mm gauge
  • Large cabin with workshop in 100% GRP design with sliding doors
  • Telescopic platform Hilton 110T
  • Max. working height 11.200mm
  • Max. horizontal reach 8.000mm
  • Max. cage load 350kg, cage in full GRP design
  • Cage slewing range 360° continuous
  • Platform slewing range 350°
  • Isolation according DIN VDE 0682-742
  • GRP equipment lockers with aluminium roller shutters

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