Latest deliveries – Hilton 110T Catenary vehicle for IVB Innsbruck (Austria)

Latest deliveries – Hilton 110T Catenary vehicle for IVB Innsbruck (Austria)
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Hilton Kommunal delivered a new catenary vehicle to the tram of Innsbruck in Austria. The vehicle has been built on a MAN TGM 18.340 4x2 chassis. The rail drive system is hydrostatic driven with a gauge of 1000mm. The front cabin is connected to a workshop body through a large opening in the cabin rear wall. The Hilton 110T telescopic platform reaches a maximum working height of 11.300mm and a maximum horizontal outreach of 7.700mm with a platform load 450kg. Besides the platform is isolated according the standard DIN VDE 0682-742 (1000V AC / 1500V DC). For catenary maintenance work, the platform is equipped with a hydraulic wire tensioner which is mounted on the support frame of the working platform. Stag measuring is possible via a pantograph with measuring bar.

Further details:

  • Chassis MAN TGM 18.340 4x2 (swiss width 2300mm)
  • Lorry rail drive system, hydrostatic driven, 1000mm gauge
  • Workshop body with open connection to the cabin
  • Telescopic platform Hilton 110T
  • Working height max. 11.300mm
  • Max. outreach on road ca. 7.700mm, on track ca. 5.500mm
  • Max. platform load 450kg
  • Slewing range of the working cage 480°
  • Slewing range of the platform 450°
  • Isolation according DIN VDE 0682-742
  • Equipment lockers with foldable doors on both sides of the telescopic boom
  • L-shape working cage 3000mm x 2050mm (1200mm) x 1100mm
  • Pantograph for stag measurement
  • Hydraulic wire tensioner
  • Cable guidance roller on the cabin

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