Multifunctunctional Road-Rail Vehicle Appenzeller Bahn

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New deliveries – Multifunctunctional Road-Rail Vehicle Appenzeller Bahn

Our customer Appenzeller Bahn from Switzerland received its new multifunctional road rail vehicle. The vehicles is built on a Mercedes Benz Arocs 6x4 chassis with hydrostatic driven bogies. The bogies are designed with special wheel adaptors which allow operation on 1435mm and 1000mm track . Due to the excellent braking power and the magnetic brake system, the vehicle can drive in slopes up to 80 ‰ and with the pneumatic wagon brake system it is possible to tow wagons of 40t. The superstructure consists of 3 interchangeable modules which are connected to the vehicle with twistlocks. The hydraulic and electric quick couplings allow fast and easy change between the modules. The superstructure consists of 3 different modules. For winter service Hilton developed a special module in cooperation with the Swiss company Zaugg. The other modules consist of a crane module with a Palfinger PK34002 crane and a tipper module with hydraulic tipping to 3 sides. This multi-purpose vehicles allows highly flexible operation and is specially designed to the needs of Appenzeller Bahn.

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