New Catenary Vehicles for Basel and Düsseldorf

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Hilton has delivered 2 new catenary vehicles to the tram of Basel in Switzerland and Düsseldorf in Germany. Both vehicles are built on a Mercedes Benz Axor Euro 5 chassis with a maximum width of 2300mm. 

The large cabin with sliding doors and workshop is a full GRP design. Compared to a standard steel cabin, this has many advantages like weight reduction, improved isolation and of course no corrosion and no maintenance.

The rail drive system is a hydrostatic driven lorry. The vehicle for Düsseldorf is equipped with an E-DRIVE. This enables the vehicle to work fully electric in tunnels without any emissions. Driving on track as well as working with the platform can be done in electric mode.

The vehicle for Basel has been equipped with a lorry which is customized to the 1000mm track width in Switzerland. Besides a magnetic rail brake system is installed according the Swiss certification requirements.

On both vehicles a double scissor lift with a 360° rotating working platform has been installed. The platform is isolated to work under live overhead lines.The working platform can horizontally slide out for an additional outreach of 1500mm.

These are just a few of the highlights on these compact and robust catenary vehicles. Please contact our sales department for further information. We would like to thank the tram of Basel and Düsseldorf for the excellent cooperation in this project.

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