New Catenary Maintenance Vehicle for Europten Austria

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Our customer Europten Austria added a new Hilton catenary maintenance vehicle to their fleet. The OMF DG-DG 110T KR is a fully equipped multi-functional road-rail vehicle which replaces the traditional rail-bound MTWs. The combination of a PK15001 crane, Hilton 110T platform, PFD99 wire positioner, height measurement bar, measurement pantograph, wagon brake system, etc. make this vehicle one of the most complete and multi-functional road-rail vehicles on track. The advantages compared to traditional rail-bound MTWs are obvious: Higher logistic flexibility due to road-rail use, lower investment costs, lower maintenance costs, faster delivery and ease of operation. Consequently, modern road-rail solutions are replacing more and more traditional rail-bound maintenance vehicles. The first unit of this vehicle type was delivered in 2016 and since then Europten added every year more and more identic vehicles to their fleet. Thanks to the proven technology and excellent performance we are happy to deliver another new unit to Europten and we wish them all the best with their new vehicle.

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