2023 - The future of road-rail vehicles starts now

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New delivery of XXL catenary maintenance road-rail vehicle

Hilton delivered a new multifunctional road-rail catenary maintenance vehicle to our customer EQOS in Austria. This vehicle is the largest rail vehicle ever build by Hilton. The MAN TGS 8x4 32t chassis is equipped with a hydrostatic rail drive system with 2 bogies. The superstructure consists of a Palfinger PA1002 platform with 3 baskets, a PKR115 loading crane with basket module and a PFD99 wire positioner. Besides the vehicle is equipped with a measuring pantograph and laser catenary measuring equipment. The additional wagon brake system allows to couple the vehicle with several wagons (max. 12 axles). The vehicle is equipped with a lot of special features which make it a multi-functional machine for catenary installation and maintenance on track. With this vehicle design, Hilton offers an alternative to replace heavy and less flexible rail bound vehicles at significantly reduced costs.


Please do not hesitate to contact us to see which solution we can offer to you to optimize your work efficiency on track with our next generation road-rail technology.

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