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We continue the Schörling tradition!

Hilton Kommunal is one of the leading manufacturers of road-rail vehicles worldwide. At our factories in Hannover (Germany) and Maastricht (The Netherlands), we are manufacturing customized catenary vehicles, rail cleaning vehicles, lubrication vehicles, rescue vehicles as well as rail drive units for excavators and many other special vehicles.

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Vehicle Gallery

New Unimog Rescue vehicle for Metro Teheran
Hilton has transformed a Unimog into a road-rail rescue vehicle for a Metro Teheran in Iran. The vehicle is designe for rescue operation in metro tunnels. Besides the rail guidance system it is equipped with a box body for the re-railing equipment. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our rescue vehicles. ...more »
New catenary vehicle for Rotterdam
A new Hilton 110T catenary vehicle has been delivered to RET Rotterdam for the catenary maintenance of the tram network. The vehicle has been build on a Mercedes Benz Arocs Euro 6 chassis. The rail drive system is a hydrostatic driven lorry. Besides the vehicles is equipped with a telescopic boom with a large working basket for 500kg. The cabin has been connected to a workshop... ...more »
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