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Rail cleaning vehicle with lorry (Scania)

Rail cleaning vehicle with lorry (Scania)

Rail cleaning vehicle with 1000 bar unit


  • Rail drive unit with friction drive system and additional guidance trolley
  • Diesel engine (Deutz) 120 kW at 2.300 rpm to drive the ventilator, hydraulic pumps and water pumps
  • Ventilator with 10.000 m³/h at 1.700 rpm of the motor
  • Contactless groove cleaning with 1000 bar high pressure water nozzles
  • Water pump (6 bar) to sprinkle the absorbed waste
  • Water pump 50 bar with 70 ltr/min for suction hose drum with hand gun
  • Stainless steel dirt container 6,0m³
  • Water container 2,0m³ integrated in the dirt container
  • Suction shoes and steel scrapers on both sides
  • Suction shoes and scrapers can be pneumatically lifted/lowered

Main advantages

  • Guidance trolley can be pneumatically lowered without lowering the rail drive unit
  • This enables fast cleaning operation in the traffic on rubber tires
  • Contactless groove cleaning with 2 x 1000 bar high pressure nozzles 


  • Manual suction jib at the rear side of the container
  • Manual suction jib on top of the container
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