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Unimog U400 with Rail Guidance Unit

Unimog U400 with Rail Guidance Unit

Unimog shunting vehicle


Base vehicle Unimog U400
  • GVW 11.900kg
  • Dimensions 5.500 x 2.300 x 3.000mm (L x W x H)
  • Performance: 130 kW (177HP) optional 170 kW (231HP)
  • Max. speed on road 85 km/h
  • Max. speed on track 50 km/h
  • Gearbox: 8 gears forwards and backwards
  • Clutch: torque converter
  • Wheelbase 3.080mm / 3.600mm

Rail guidance system

  • Friction drive system with 2 rail axles
  • Guidance wheels 400mm
  • Gauge 1.435-1.668mm
  • Shunting load max. 1.000t
  • Wagon brake system 400t-1.000t
  • Different coupling systems
  • – Running drive / braking via the UNIMOG tyres = high tractive forces due to favourable friction
    coefficient between rubber and steel (UNIMOG tyres on rails)
  • Easy and quick on-tracking on most narrow space granted by compact construction and easy handling
  • System approved by Deutsche Bahn AG

Main advantages

  • Operation on main-line tracks, siding tracks, metros, tramways
  • Shunting vehicle for flexible use
  • Low purchase and operation costs
  • Service worldwide by Daimler AG service stations


  • Radio remote control
  • Emergency stop
  • Shunting steps
  • Shunting mirrors
  • Patented electronic brake valve
  • Camera system for tracking on and reverse drive
  • Exhaust gas purification systems
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