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Hilton OMF 3T-110 radiographic control (MB)

Hilton OMF 3T-110 radiographic control (MB)

Innovative catenary vehicle with radiographic control


Telescopic platform

  • Platform according EN280
  • Max. working height 11.200mm (floor height 9.200mm)
  • Max. outreach 8.000mm with 350kg 
  • Slewing range of the platform 350° 
  • Slewing range of the cage 360° continous
  • Max. cage load 350kg  
  • Isolated cage with glass fibre reinforced polyester railing
  • Cage dimensions 3.500mm x 1.500mm x 1.100mm
  • Radiographic control for platform and rail drive system in the cage

Rail drive system

  • Lorry -  hydrostatic driven
  • Wheels individually driven via internal gear and hydro motors
  • Spring lock at truck front axle and rear axle
  • ABS and ASR system integrated on each wheel
  • Operating and parking brakes
  • Electro-hydraulic hand pump for emergency actuation
  • Gauge 1435mm
  • Wheel diameter 460mm
  • Max. speed on track 30km/h
  • Max. speed from the cage 10 km/h
  • Min. curve radius 17m

Main advantages

  • 100% reliable Schörling technology
  • Large cabin with workshop in 100% GRP (glass fibre reinforced polyester) design with sliding doors
  • Fully radiographic control system
  • Platform isolated according DIN VDE 0682-742


  • Hydraulic wire tensioner on the cage
  • Gel battery for electro hydraulic drive of the platform (during night and tunnel operation)
  • 230V generator
  • Pneumatic foldable mirrors
  • Pantograph on cabin roof
  • Constant isolation control system
  • Further options on request
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