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Hilton Scissor lift - without rail system (Volvo)

Hilton Scissor lift - without rail system (Volvo)

Isolated scissor lift for road operation


  • Scissor lift according EN280
  • 2 hydraulic lifting cylinders
  • Max. lift of the scissor 2.950mm
  • Working platform 4.000 x 1.500 x 1.100mm
  • Isolated platform with eshwood railing
  • Slewing range of the platform 360° endless
  • Max.  platform load 350kg
  • Foldable railing
  • Equipment lockers with foldable doors

Main advantages

  • 100% reliable Schörling technology
  • Compact catenary vehicle with large working platform
  • Platform isolated according DIN VDE 0682-742


  • Gel battery for electro-hydraulic platform operation (for work in tunnels or at night)
  • 230V generator
  • Constant isolation control
  • Further options on request

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