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Hilton 145T with 2 bogies (MAN)

Hilton 145T with 2 bogies (MAN)

Catenary vehicle with modular frame


Telescopic boom
  • Platform according EN280
  • Max. working height 14.500mm (floor height 12.500mm)
  • Max. outreach 7.600mm with 350kg
  • Slewing range of the platform 350°
  • Slewing range of the cage 480°
  • Max. cage load 350kg  
  • Cage dimensions 2.500mm x 1.500mm x 1.100mm
Rail drive system
  • 2 bogies with 6 driven wheels
  • Rear bogie manual slewable 2x90°
  • Wheels individually driven via internal gear and hydro motors
  • ABS and ASR system integrated on each wheel
  • Gauge 1435mm / Wheel diameter 570mm
  • Max. speed on track 40km/h
  • Max. speed from the cage 5 km/h
Modular frame
  • Modular frame to exchange cable drum carrier against pantograph measuring system

Main advantages

  • 100% reliable Schörling technology
  • Multifunctional vehicle through modular frame


  • Gel battery for electro-hydraulic platform operation (for work in tunnels or at night)
  • 230V generator
  • EBO equipment
  • Loading platform with foldable aluminium side walls
  • Platform on the cabin roof
  • Camera system
  • Further options on request

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