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Special vehicles in the Rail-Road segment

News: 07.04.2017 in General,Exhibitions

Special vehicles in the Rail-Road segment - looking for challenges in the niche market to create solutions. An ever-recurring claim, which the Hilton Group, with about 100 employees and two manufacturing locations in Gehrden and Maastricht (NL) is very enthusiastic about.

Under this motto, Hilton Kommunal GmbH delivered a vehicle to its customer Elektroline from Prague at the beginning of the year. Criteria such as performance, versatile application areas and easy handling were the particular challenge.

Built on a Mercedes Benz Arocs 3342K 6x4 chassis, the overhead mounting vehicle 140T features highly innovative technology. By means of two bogies, the vehicle can travel up to 40 km / h on the rail and draw several wagons up to 400 t through the 4 driven axles. In addition, a wagon brake system is installed on board to safely brake even high loads.

The highlight of the vehicle is the 3-part telescopic boom with a maximum working load of 500 kg, a work area of ​​8.6 m and an L stage for working around the mast. Depending on the application, the vehicle can be operated fully grounded in the rails or with a small change over time, fully isolated.

A twofold wire wiring lifting device PFD 79 made by Palfinger allows clamping of the holding and driving wire at the same time. The pantograph installed on the driver's roof has a zig-zag measuring system and a digital height measuring system. A rear-mounted flatbed and side supports on the sides of the vehicle offer comfortable storage space.

If we have aroused your interest or would you like to implement something individual with us, please contact us at any time. Our portfolio also includes many other innovative two-way vehicles such as rail cleaner, tunnel cleaner, rail lubrication vehicles, Unimog shunting vehicles, recovery vehicles, sewer cleaning vehicles and much more. We put your ideas on track.

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